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Judging Criteria - NATIONALS 2023 ENCHANTED

By clicking entering this event, I understand the Judging Criteria as listed.

You must enter 

 1x Full Body shot (in portrait not landscape)

1x mid/head shot (in portrait not landscape)

In both outfits required, ENCHANTED THEME & FORMAL

TOTAL photos to be submitted 4


Costume wear is welcome as is any outfit you see to fit the theme of Enchanted.

Origionality, Showcase on your model and Overall appeal will factor into selecting the winner.

Formal Wear:

Must be inspired by our Enchanted theme in some way

shoes must be worn if feet are photographed

Formal is dresses below the knee in over 1's 

Suits on boys

Photogenic of the month: Entrants must have a photo with their winning sash in either full body which we can crop or mid shot

Glamourgenic: New Photo event is ANYTHING GOES as long as the theme enchanted is seen in the photo styling. Glitz, Formal, Costume All accepted.

Photos must not have been submitted in a previous competition to receive a major prize

You must be an Australian resident.

You can only enter your own child or child in your guardianship.

Child must be 0-17 years old.

What we Judge - Attire and photo expectations

1. Do not use background filters to create a theme.

No beauty filters, colour correction or alike can be used.


2. Children should be wearing well throught out and styled outfits.

Formal wear - Off the rack, cupcake, full gown, high low all accepted.

3. MUST provide 2x photos as requested to be in the running for a major prize.

4. No dummies, no bibs, no nudity, no nappies showing, no midriff. Age appropriate is key. 

5. Child should Take up 2/3 photo and be a front on image in the mid photo.


BUBBLEGUM POINTS SYSTEM – Each section judged 1-5

0 – Not able to be to be judged as is missing      3-4 Above Average fulfilment of requirements

1-2 Meets criteria for judging                                 4-5 Perfect fulfilment of requirements

2-3 Good Average fulfilment of requirements

OUTFIT:   0-5





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