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I agree to the following Rules and Regulations as well as refund policy.


I understand that only a parent or legal guardian can enter a child into any Sunburst Pageant, Myself and the child must be a resident of Australia if that child is under 18yrs. 

By signing up multiple entrants, it is true that all entrants must reside at the same address to receive the discount and it can not be transferred to anyone outside of the household. Eg 1 child from one house and relative or friend from another can not receive the discount. If anyone is found to be in breech of this they will be required to pay the balance of the entry owing or forefit their entry without refund. 



By clicking the Submit button and entering this event, I agree to the Photo Use and Photo Release as follows. 

Sunburst Australia, Sunburst Pageants International and Baby Shows International has the right to use any photos taken at their events for Marketing Purposes or Display on their Social Media. Not limited to buy including Facebook, Instagram and the baby shows international website. 

 By entering our shows you give express permission for Sunburst to crop or alter the image(s) as necessary and use and display to further promote the Sunburst brand. Should you not wish your child's image to be used we ask you to notify us and we will normally remove on good faith.

 Sunburst will only identify children by his/her first name for privacy reasons, unless permission given by parent of child (or legal guardian)

FOR PHOTO COMPETITIONS - on Social Media and Virtual Shows

We use images to judge our online competitions and present these on YOUTUBE, WEBSITE, in Live Fb shows, FB Watch events and we use the images of in a number of our campaign materials, both online and in hard copy.

To this end any photos you upload of provide to us via email or messenger or any other medium you give your written permission for Sunburst to use your / your child’s photographic/filmed image in association with material being compiled for judging purposes, for event viewing  and  promote Sunburst, its events through any of its linked businesses not limited to Bubblegum Juniors and BABY SHOWS INTERNATIONAL, Bubblegum Baby Shows.

 I give express permission for Sunburst Pageants to crop or alter the image(s) as necessary. I acknowledge that the image(s) may also be included in Sunburst website both in Australia and on its International page.


Parent/Guardians will conduct themselves in a courteus, professional manner at all times.

Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Disruptive behaviour before, during, or after the show may result in disqualification.


Parent/Guardian will not slander or libel other contestants, judges, sunburst staff or anyone else involved with or connected to the Sunburst . Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks against will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of any and all prizes and awards won, and legal charges.

 Any parent/guardian found publicly posting slanderous remarks on public forums will be immediately disqualified.


Entries are not finalised until entry payment has been made in full.

Payment plan needs to be set up during registration.

 All fees paid to SUNBURST Australia and its affiliates are NOT REFUNDABLE unless under specific arrangements at the discretion of the event provider. We will place your entry at a zero for non participation and you will be posted your prizes for a zero score instead.

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