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Bid acceptance 2024 

Welcome to Internationals 2024!

Terms and conditions

I am committed to upholding the values and principles of our organization while competing on the international stage. I look forward to showcasing the beauty, talent, and intelligence of Australian contestants and bringing recognition to our country.

I understand the responsibilities that come with accepting this bid, and I am fully dedicated to preparing myself to the best of my ability. I am excited about the chance to meet contestants from around the world, learn from their experiences, and create lasting memories during the international finals.

I will actively engage with the Australia Sunburst Beauty Pageants team to ensure that I am well-prepared for the competition. Please let me know about any further steps or requirements that I need to fulfill to ensure a successful participation in the event.

I have won a $450 beauty bid which means this fee is not payable during registration and can be marked as WON!

I understand there are financial obligations in accepting this bid including, travel expenses to and from the USA, hotel costs and additional entry fees including but not limited to;

Optional event fees, parade of beauties compulsory entry fee, outfits, hair and make up, ad pages costs which can be subsidised through fundraising which Sunburst Australia can assist with. Pageant payments are not paid to Sunburst Australia however directly paid to Sunburst Internationals in USD they do not offer afterpay or similar services and registration fees will be due in April 2024.

There is also a one off $250AUD per entrant fee payable to Sunburst Australia which covers multiple meetings, composites and portfolio creation, individualised stage and attire plans  should you wish to utlise this direct from us which are of SUnburst International standard. We also have your Australian director with you at Internationals to assist in registration, backstage and stage needs at all times over the three day pageant as a complimentary service.

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